Cassava Cake

Cassava Cake is one of the most popular and enjoyed Filipino delicacies or Kakanin. It is made from grated cassava (Kamoteng Kahoy) mixed with coconut milk, eggs, butter and topped with a creamy milk mixture.


Sisig is a glorious dish that is a staple “pulutan” among Filipinos. It has a unique blend of chili-pepper spice, sour vinegar and calamansi juice, and the saltiness of salt and soy sauce. Other herbs like garlic, red onion, white onion, ginger, black pepper, green bell pepper, celery, green onion …

Lechon Kawali

Filipino-style boiled and deep-fried pork belly then cut into small pieces. This boiled and deep-fried pork belly is perhaps the best example of just how well Filipinos know their pork. The exterior is salty and extra crispy, while the interior is tender and moist with fat and juicy meat.